PATHWAY-27 - FP7-KBBE-2012-6-311876

Pivotal assessment of the effects of bioactives on health and wellbeing. From human genoma to food industry.

The general objective of PATHWAY-27 addresses the exploitation of bioactive compounds as ingredients of foods that,within the common diet, could signifi cantly benefi t human health and wellbeing. PATHWAY-27 uses three model compounds (docosahexaenoic acid - DHA, beta-glucan - BG, and anthocyanins - AC) and three model food matrices (bakery, dairy and egg products) to derive conclusions that will be widely applicable.  

The scientific objective of PATHWAY-27 is to better understand the potential benefi ts and mechanism of action of the selected bioactive compounds (DHA, BG and AC), considered as ingredients of the PATHWAY-27 bioactive-enriched foods (BEF), in the prevention of the Metabolic Syndrome (MS).

The technological objective of PATHWAY-27 is to develop improved food formulations leading to the production of BEF with a scientifi cally demonstrated impact on health.  

Expected results:

  • Increased knowledge on bioavailability, activity, synergism and mechanisms of action of bioactive compounds when administered as integral parts of foods, not as supplements.
  • Guidelines and best practice for undertaking intervention studies as well developing and validating innovative biomarkers that are relevant to humans.
  • The possibility of improving the formulation of new BEF having a scientifically-validated positive effect on human health and wellbeing.
  • Increase in the innovation potential and competitiveness of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

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